Why Do I Get Hungry After Sex?

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Why Do I Get Hungry After Sex
There are various reasons for being hungry after sex. Some of the factors include – hormonal changes, the release of sperm, sexual excitement, and fluid reduction in the body.

Have you ever noticed feeling hungry suddenly after sexual intercourse with your partner? You’re not alone. Is it normal for a man to be hungry after sex? Feeling hungry after intimacy is a common experience among people, and there are various reasons behind it.

Let’s take a deeper look at how sex influences your appetite.

How many calories does a sex session burn? Let’s take a look

Even though having sexual intercourse sometimes feels like a workout, it is not a substitute for working out.

For a 30-minute sex session, a man may burn an additional 100 kilocalories

For a roughly 30-minute sex session, men may burn, on average, an additional 100 kilocalories. Whereas women may burn 70 kilocalories. While many people think post-sex cravings could be due to a loss of calories, that’s not the main factor [1].

So, what makes you so hungry after sex exactly?

Factors That Make You Hungry After Sex

Factors That Make You Hungry After Sex
Some of the reasons that might cause hunger after sexual intercourse are as follows –


During sexual activity, your body and brain undergo drastic hormonal changes. These changes play a role in your hunger pangs.

When you’re sexually excited, the production of hormones like testosterone and serotonin starts to increase. The production of these hormones peaks right after physical intimacy.

Testosterone plays a key role in regulating appetite and promoting eating behavior. Since men experience a higher level of this hormone, it’s not uncommon for them to become hungry as a result.

This increase in testosterone levels is one reason why you get hungry after sex.

Reduced Water Content

A person after sexual activity, is going to lose water content from the body. While you’re having sex, you’re sweating constantly. As a result, the water inside is released.

Additionally, we are aware of the fact that our thirst increases after a session of physical activity. The water present inside the body burns away, which causes dehydration symptoms.

It has been found that a dehydrated person may feel hungry more than a normal person.

Sexual Excitement Can Increase Hunger

Having sexual activity is a matter of excitement for men. Excitement is a big reason behind stomach-emptying signs. The autonomic nerves are the ones responsible for triggering stomach-emptying factors.

As an individual remains excited after having sexual intercourse, this will directly translate into starvation or hunger. Due to this factor, a person is bound to feel an urge to have food after having sex, and this is a very normal thing.

Sperm Release Can Increase Hunger In Men

The sperm that is released after intercourse contains essential minerals and vitamins. It includes sodium, magnesium, calcium, and other compounds. After having intercourse, the body will feel its absence. This deficit of essential minerals will trigger a certain response from the brain.

This response will play a critical role in increasing your hunger after Sexuality. The body will naturally want to make up for the loss it has witnessed. It is because of this that your appetite may be enhanced after you are vigorous.

Is It Okay To Have Food Right After Having Sex?

Even though a person can feel hungry after having intercourse, it is best to wait for a certain time. We advise you not to have meals right after sexual activity.

You should remember that even after completing sexuality, your body remains excited, and your heart still beats a lot faster than usual.

We advise you not to take heavy food until and unless you calm down and come to a normal state.

Till that time, you can drink some water or even some juice to get some energy [2] [3].

Sometimes, many things can impact your sexual life, leading to relationship issues. One of the most common conditions impacting one’s intimate life is erectile dysfunction. It is a condition characterized by the inability to get and keep an erection.

If you’re someone suffering from erectile dysfunction, then you’re not alone. But the good news is that there are various treatment options available for this condition. One of the most effective erectile dysfunction treatment options is medication such as Vardenafil, Tadalafil, and Sildenafil. These medications are also available under various brand names in the market.

Apart from medications, certain lifestyle changes such as daily exercise and a healthy, balanced diet could help manage this condition.

Explore our blog page for exercises for erectile dysfunction to learn about the best exercises for managing ED.


In conclusion, feeling hungry after having sexual encounters is normal. Embracing this reaction and having a healthy snack after your body calms down can help satisfy your hunger pangs and enhance your post-sex experience.


Is it good to eat after sex?

Yes, it is good to eat after sex only after your body has calmed down.

Is it okay to feel hungry after sex?

Yes, it is absolutely normal to feel hungry after sex.

Is drinking milk after sex good?

Yes, drinking milk after sex is good as it helps your body recover and gain some energy.


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