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How we handle personal and payment information – At Vedi Care Health we send our customers a payment link. Here you can enter your personal details yourself and pay for the amount assigned to the particular pack that you ordered.

Prescription requirements - While we do not require a prescription for the medications you purchase, we place confidence in your judgment to ensure that the medications are prescribed by your healthcare professional. Your health is of utmost importance to us, and we encourage responsible and informed choices in managing your well-being.

Medication source/authenticity – At Vedi Care Health, we take pride in setting the gold standard for your health and well-being. We don't settle for anything less than top-notch quality. We work hand-in-hand with trusted partners to ensure that every medication we ship meets all medication standards.

Shipping policies - Because Vedi Care Health delivers your product directly from the warehouse, we do not charge you for shipping. You just have to pay how much your order that you have requested to ship. For all of our customers in the United States, we take our payments through credit and debit cards. Vedi Care Health accepts Discover, Visa, and other credit cards. When you place your order you will get an email from us. Your order will be shipped after your payment confirmation. You can track your order and remain updated about your medication package with the unique Tracking Number given by us after your item has been shipped. Vedi Care Health delivers it prescription med packs in the US through USPS.

Refunds/returns/exchanges – Under a condition that you received faulty med packs or wrong medications or you have received an incorrect number of pills, simply click a clear image of the pack of the order and the medications so that we can reship or refund your order.

Medical consultations – Much like the prescription we do not need medical consultation for the meds that you order and we take your order for it. Your health is of utmost priority and we have always asked our customers to purchase their medications responsibly and after thorough consultation.

Limitation of liability – Please send us a clear image of the package and the medication; we will reship or refund the medication as per your wish.

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As a licenced online pharmacy, vedicarehealth.com meets the highest quality, compliance, and patient care standards. Our digital healthcare platform is rigorously supervised to comply with all laws and regulations. Our patients can only receive pharmaceuticals from verified Good Manufacturing Practices pharmaceutical suppliers, assuring strict quality monitoring. We also employ only licenced professionals with active certificates, ensuring the best pharmaceutical outcomes for our customers.
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