Drug Policy

Drug Policy Of Vedi Care Health

Vedi Care Health follows a very clear and well-defined drug policy. We intend to talk about the below-mentioned information through our drug policy.

  • The types of medication available at our pharmacy.
  • How do we get the medicines?
  • Prices of the medicines
  • How does our expert team check the quality of the products?

Types Of Medications On Vedi Care Health

Vedi Care deals with a range of branded drugs manufactured by renowned pharmaceutical companies.

For the convenience of our customers, we have categorized our medications based on their manufacturers.

Vedi Care Health is a pioneer in retailing the brand medicines of some of the prominent generics such as Sildenafil, Tadalafil, Vardenafil, Soma, and Tapentadol.

How Do We Get The Medicines?

All our medications are sourced directly from our manufacturers. As we get our medicines in bulk without any third-party involvement, we are able to retail our products at much lower prices.

The leading manufacturers that we source our medication from are -

  • Centurion Laboratories Private Limited
  • Signature Pharmaceuticals Limited
  • HAB Pharmaceuticals
  • Sunrise Remedies Private Limited
  • Aurochem Laboratories India Private Limited.

Prices Of The Medicines

As already mentioned we source our medications directly from the manufacturer, the cost of the medicines is less than the MRP (maximum retail price) mentioned on the package.

We also provide additional discounts during the festive season and to our returning customers, thus further slashing the price of the medications.

How Does Our Expert Team Do Quality Checks Of The Products?

Our expert team checks the following things about the medications -


  • Our team ensures that the internal and external packaging of the medicine is intact.
  • We check whether the tablets in the blister pack are properly sealed and also check if the manufacturer and expiration date are clearly mentioned.

Physical Appearance Of The Medicine

  • In case of physical appearance, our expert team checks whether the pills or tablets have the same dimension, color, size, and marks.
Content Quality Check

A team of professionals at Vedi Care Health works really hard to bring you accurate information. Our editorial team regularly checks all the information on our website to make sure our information is up-to-date. All the data on our website are verified using secondary references, such as research papers, clinical studies, and textbooks.

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