How Effective Are Exercises For Erectile Dysfunction?

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How Effective Are Exercises For Erectile Dysfunction?
Yes, numerous studies have found that performing exercises can help eliminate or reduce ED.
Men suffering from severe ED saw greater improvements by incorporating exercise into their routine, and these improvements were similar to ED drugs like Viagra, says Miller in his study “Effect of aerobic exercise on erectile function.”

We’ve all heard about the benefits of exercise for maintaining good health. Many studies conducted over more than half a century have shown that regular physical exercise reduces the risk of developing some health ailments.

These health ailments include stroke, heart disease, and certain types of cancer (colorectal cancer, for example). Exercise regularly also eases the risk of chronic health issues like diabetes, high blood pressure, and arthritis.

What may come as a surprise is that exercising regularly may help prevent some prostate disorders. For example, emerging scientific research suggests that engaging in a few hours of exercise (in a week) reduces the risk of ED (erectile dysfunction).

Understanding Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction, also referred to as impotence, is the inability of men to get and keep an erection firm enough to have sexual intercourse. There are various physical and emotional causes of this condition.

Physical causes – diabetes, kidney disease, high cholesterol, obesity, etc.

Emotional causes – stress, anxiety, depression, and relationship problems.

According to research by the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, about 30 million men in the United States have impotence [1].
Will Exercise Help With ED

Will Exercise Help With ED?

Yes, various forms of exercise can improve symptoms of impotence. Exercising at least three times a week for 30 minutes can be as effective as medication used to improve erectile function. These claims were made by a new analysis published in 2023 by Mohit Khera et al. in The Journal of Sexual Medicine.

This study also found that aerobic activities, such as cycling or walking, improved impotence in all men regardless of body weight, medication use, or overall health [2].

Ways Exercise Helps With Erectile Dysfunction

Some of the ways exercise helps with erectile dysfunction are –

Improving blood flow –
To get an erection, it is important to have proper blood flow into the penis.

Exercise improves heart health and blood circulation, which equals better blood flow to the penis.

Weight management –
Being obese or overweight can worsen erectile dysfunction, and a physical workout is the best solution to get rid of the extra weight.

Reduces stress –
Stress is an important factor leading to erectile dysfunction in men. Exercise has been proven to reduce stress, which in turn improves men’s sexual health.

Kegel Exercise For ED

Kegel Exercise For ED
One of the most common exercises for better erections is kegels. Kegel exercises are also known as pelvic floor exercises. By performing this exercise, an individual can strengthen the muscles on the pelvic floor.

In men, Kegels strengthen and target the bulbocavernosus muscle. This muscle fills the penis with blood during erection and empties the urethra after urination.

By targeting the bulbocavernosus muscle, you can experience longer-lasting erections.

A study in 2005 by Grace Dorey et. al. suggested that pelvic floor exercises should be considered for men seeking long-term resolution of their impotence.

Before performing the Kegel exercise, it’s crucial to locate the bulbocavernous muscle. The easiest way to do this is by stopping your stream during urination multiple times. The muscle used to do that is the one that you need to target with Kegels. Make sure that you are not clenching muscles in your stomach, buttocks, or legs. Otherwise, you won’t see the same results.

  • To perform basic Kegels, begin by standing, sitting, or lying.
  • Clench the bulbocavernosus muscle and hold for at least three seconds.
  • Release and repeat the same three to five times.
  • Repeat this set at least three times a day for effective results.

Some other types of pelvic floor exercises include – quick flicks, elevator kegels, and super Kegels, to name a few.

Other Types Of Exercise

Some other types of exercises that are found to be effective for erectile dysfunction include –

Pilates Exercise

Pilates is a type of low-impact exercise method known for improving core strength, flexibility, and overall body awareness.

Practicing Pilates regularly is a great way to fight ED. Below are some pilates exercises that one can try to improve ED.
Pilates Exercise
Knee Fallouts 

  • Start knee fallouts by lying flat on your back.
  • Put your feet on the floor.
  • Now, bend your knees.
  • Contract your pelvic floor muscles, and slowly lower one knee sideways towards the floor.
  • After moving your knee as far as it can go to the side, slowly bring it back to the center while engaging your pelvic muscles.
  • Repeat the same with the other knee, and do five repetitions on each side.

Supine Foot Raises

  • Start supine foot raises by lying flat on your back with your feet on the floor and knees bent.
  • Now, raise one foot into the air, maintaining a 45-degree angle with your leg while contracting your pelvic floor muscles.
  • Hold this position for a count of five.
  • Now, slowly lower your foot back down.
  • Repeat the same with the other foot.
  • Do five reps on each side.


Yoga is a practice that engages in bringing harmony and balance between the mind and body.

Yoga has been shown to improve flexibility, improve blood flow, and encourage mindfulness. These effects are thought to help improve the symptoms of ED naturally.

In a study published in 2024 by Subrahmanaya Bhat et al, it was revealed that Yoga is a safe, effective, and affordable approach to managing impotence. Men can improve their quality of life and regain confidence in sexual functioning by performing yoga [3].

Some of the yoga poses for erectile dysfunction are as follows –
Standing forward bend

  • To perform this yoga, stand straight and place your hands on the hips.
  • Now, while keeping your knees straight, bend your upper body.
  • Extend your hands towards the floor, but do not touch your toes.
  • Hold this pose for half a minute.

Bound angle pose

  • To perform this yoga pose, start by sitting down and extending your legs in front of you.
  • Now, fold your legs towards your pelvis.
  • After completely folding the legs, bring the knees down on either side of your body.
  • Grab your ankles with both hands.
  • Stay in this position for 5 minutes.

Aerobic Exercises

According to a study published in 2018 on
physical activity’s impact on Erectile Dysfunction
, aerobic exercises practiced at least four times a week are proven to fight the effects of erectile dysfunction.

Physical exercise should last at least 40 minutes, and to see improvements, you should maintain a routine for at least six months.

Some aerobic exercises that one can try include –
aerobic exercises

  • Skipping
  • Running
  • Boxing
  • Cycling

Things to Remember – Safety Considerations

  • Initially, a person may only be able to perform an exercise a limited number of times, and it can take time to build strength in the targeted muscles.
  • Practicing these workouts regularly and slowly increasing the repetition count can improve muscle strength in a measured, safe way.
  • If you experience any pain while performing exercises for ED, stop the exercise immediately and seek emergency medical help [4].

Medications For Erectile Dysfunction At Vedi Care

Sometimes, exercise alone cannot improve erectile dysfunction. In such cases, consulting a healthcare professional is crucial.

There are various medications available at Vedi Care Health that are proven to be effective in treating erectile dysfunction.

Some of these medications are Tadalafil, Vardenafil, and Sildenafil. These medications are available under various brand names and dosage strengths at Vedi Care.

To explore all our ED medications, you can visit our main category page, “Erectile Dysfunction Treatment.”

Improving The Diet

Diet is also an important aspect of ED prevention and treatment. Following a balanced, healthy diet and limiting the intake of alcohol and food items with sugar, added sugar, and fat will help to reduce the risk of developing impotence.

To learn about the best and worst foods for ED, visit our blog page, “The best and worst foods for erectile dysfunction.”


Incorporating the exercises mentioned above can be a positive approach to managing impotence. However, always consult with a qualified doctor before adding any new form of exercise to your routine, especially if you have preexisting health conditions.


Do squats help with erectile dysfunction?

Yes, squats do help erectile dysfunction by activating the pelvic floor muscle.

How do I get more blood flow to the penis?

Lifestyle changes such as eating healthy, exercising regularly, and managing stress can help get more blood flow to the penis.

How long does it take for exercise to help treat erectile dysfunction?

It can take up to 4-6 weeks for a man to see improvements in erections after performing exercise.

What is the best exercise for erectile dysfunction?

Pelvic floor exercises, also known as kegel exercises, are the best exercises for ED.


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